Qashqai Kilim Hammock Series

The Qashqai are a people in Iran, almost all of whom speak a Western Turkic dialect known as the Qashqai language as well as Persian in formal use. They mainly live around the city of Shiraz in the province of Fars. The majority consisted originally of nomadic pastoralists and some remain so today. They are renowned for their pile carpets and other woven wood products, which are sometimes referred to as “Shiraz” because Shiraz was the major marketplace for them in the past. The wool produced in the mountains and valleys near Shiraz is exceptionally soft and beautiful and takes a deeper color than wool from other parts of Iran. Qashqai carpets have been said to be probably the most famous of all Persian tribal weavings and Qashqai saddlebags, adorned with colorful geometric designs, are said to be superior to any others made, for which this hammock cradle gives clear evidence.