Navajo Ganado Rug: Two-Piece Set of Modular Silkscreen Prints Mounted on Wooden Box Frames


This is our Navajo Rug Set of Modular Silkcreen Prints

This Navajo Rug wall art set of two modules in black, red, and violet is mounted on hand-crafted box frames. Dimensions of each module are 19″ x 31.5″. Colors are bright red, violet, and black on white. Source: Navajo Ganado rug, dimensions 33″ x 47″. Photographed at Skinner auction, Boston, October 2019. Apart from this two-module mounted wall art set, we also offer an unmounted triptych of smaller images in black and red on white.

Ganado Rugs

Ganado, Arizona, in Apache County, is a chapter in the Navajo Nation. Ganado-produced rugs and blankets have become world-famous since Juan Lorenzo Hubbell began fostering the art at his trading post in the 1870s. Born to an Anglo father, and Spanish mother, Juan Lorenzo Hubbell was raised in New Mexico. He was twenty three when he relocated to Ganado in 1876. At one time, he operated over 20 Trading Posts across the Central Navajo Nation. He died in 1930 and his youngest son, Roman Hubbell, assumed management duties of the trading post. He contributed to encouraging the Ganado textile market and local Navajo weaving houses.

When Hubbell set out to motivate weavers to match his vision for new and unique Navajo rugs, the first style developed was the “Ganado Red, a design with deep red dyed wools modeled after paintings by the renowned artist E.A. Burbank. Today’s Ganado rugs still feature the deep red backgrounds with accents of black, grey, white and brown. They can often be found with, black borders, serrated diamond designs in the middle, and “stair step” designs in each corner.