Mergoum Newiri: Ten-Piece Set of Modular Silkscreen Prints Mounted on Wooden Box Frames


This is our Mergoum Newiri Wall Art Set of Modular Silkscreen Prints

We proudly offer this Mergoum Newiri wall art set, consisting of ten silkscreen prints mounted on handmade box frames. Dimensions of each module are 12″ x 18″. Colors are black and brick red on white. Total area of the set is 2,160 sq. in. The source of the pattern is a mergoum newiri textile from Tunisia measuring approximately 51″ x 63″, purchased in Tunis in 1974. It is part of a personal collection.

What is a Mergoum?

A mergoum is a traditional wool-woven cloth specific to the Eastern Sahara. This type of textile was formerly used to cover litters on camels’ backs, to split tents into two separate rooms, or to cover the ground. We can distinguish the mergoum from the flat-weave textiles known as kilim by their combination of triangular and diamond-shaped motifs. Most likely, this particular textile came from the Oudref, Beni-Zid, or El-Hamma areas, all north and west of the coastal city of Gabes.


About this Series

There are two sets and two single pieces in this Mergoum Newiri wall art series. They are all mounted on wooden box frames. Initial pieces were the two single prints. Originally intended to be part of a much larger installation, the extra large six-piece set can still be ordered and completed on request. We show the final ten-piece set of modules in frontal, left side, and right side views. Also shown is the source piece, a 51″ x 63″ textile from Tunisia. All the pieces in this series display the distinctive diamond-shaped pattern of the mergoum, reminiscent of both landscape and architecture.