Kuba Kilim: Eight-Piece Set of Modular Silkscreen Prints


Introducing Our Kuba Kilim Wall Art Set

We proudly offer this modular wall art set consisting of eight silkscreen prints, as yet unmounted. Dimensions of four of the modules are 15″ x 16″ and of the other four are 16″ x 16″. Total area: 1,984 sq. in. Colors: black and brick red on white. The pattern from for this set came from a 65″ x 126″ rug produced in the northern Caucuses, ca. 1880. Photographed at a Skinner auction, Boston, April 2019.

An Eye-Catching Combination of Traditional and Modern

Kuba is a rug-producing town in what is now Azerbaijan. The fine tribal rugs that come from this town are said to have been woven by Armenians. Our pattern for this Kuba Kilim wall art set derives from a multicolored rug whose dominant colors were blue, red, beige, and gray.  This Kuba Kilim wall art set is an eye-catching combination of traditional design, silkscreen technique, and modern aesthetic. Although it is as yet unmounted, it can mounted on wooden box frames on request.


A Bold Color Scheme and Asymmetric Modular Pattern

In this Kuba Kilim wall art print set, we reduced the multicolored palette of the original kilim rug to a simple maroon and black on white. We deliberately refrained from filling in the white background with any other color, pattern, or texture. This resulted in a stark but bold effect reminiscent of viewing snowflakes, viruses, or other tiny phenomena under a microscope. Four of the eight modules are slightly larger than the rest. This creates a subtle visual asymmetry that adds to the overall appeal of the set.