Hopi Ceramic: Eight-Piece Set of Modular Silkscreen Prints Mounted on Wooden Box Frames


This is our Hopi Ceramic Wall Art Set of Modular Silkscreen Prints

We proudly offer this Hopi Ceramic wall art set of eight modular silkscreen prints. They are mounted on hand-crafted box frames. Dimensions of each black on white module: 16″ x 16″. Total area of the set: 2,048 sq. in.  The source of the pattern is a ceramic bowl by Helen T. Naha (Feather Woman), 1922-1993, Hopi Pueblo, Polacca Village, Arizona, 1985. Photographed at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, October 2019.

Who Was Helen Naha?

Helen Naha was born a Hopi-Tewa in Hano on First Mesa. She lived most of her life in the in this area. Helen began making pottery when she was in her late teens and continued doing so almost to the day she died. She was known for producing bowls, vases, cylinders, miniature pottery, tiles, and seed jars. Early in her career she produced a lot of black-on-white pottery. Later in life she produced significantly more polychrome pieces. Thus, over her lifetime she almost single-handedly revived a number of ancient Hopi designs and patterns.

Translating a Three-Dimensional Design onto a Flat Surface

The concept behind this Hopi Ceramic wall art set was to translate a three-dimensional design onto a two-dimensional surface. So, first, we exchanged the earthen tones of the original ceramic for a cleaner black on white. Then we inverted lighter shadow tones and converted them to black as well, creating an darker, denser effect. Finally, by using several modules, we broke up the overall pattern while at the same time retaining the flow of the original design. The result is a visually bold, contemporary piece well-suited for both commercial and domestic wall spaces.